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Associate Coaches


MEET KATJA! SHE IS a Career and Personal Success Coach located in Vancouver, Canada.

She, herself, has been through many career changes which range from working as a lawyer, to a job in the movie industry (to mention just a few).

All of her experience has led here to her true passion, which is guiding clients towards more fulfillment and satisfaction with their careers and life in general.

 So if you feel….

  • Stuck in a job that’s not for you and you want a career change, but you’re unsure how to go about that and where to start. Reach out!
  • Tired of letting your life and career just happen to you, instead of making things happen FOR you. Let her know!


How will Katja help you?

  • She will guide you towards clarity, so you will know where to go next.
  • She will help you gain confidence, so you can make better career decisions based on what is important to YOU.
  • With Katja, you will identify action steps & strategies that will lead you to your next adventure! 

Interested in exploring working with Katja?  Schedule a complimentary intro call.

MEET SOPHEE! SHE’S HERE to help you get clarity and build your dream career.

She knows that you may be feeling:

  • Anxiety about where you are going in life and the future of your career
  • Burnout in an unfulfilling career
  • Purposeless when you care so much about the world
  • Unsure about changing careers 
  • Dread about going to work (sometimes you can’t even enjoy Sundays)
  • Undecided about whether to go back to school or not
  • Discouraged that your hard work did not give you the career or life you wanted

She’ll take you from not even knowing where you want to go to the career of your dreams. With Sophee, have the possibility to love your work, impact the world, and still make money for the lifestyle you want.


Sophee knows there is total possibility for you to have clarity about where you’re going and to have support on how to get there. Have you ever thought that you could:

  • Be excited to go to work?
  • Know your work makes a difference?
  • Be really excited to tell others what you do?
  • Have flexibility in your workday?
  • Have work-life balance?
  • Have great people to work with?
  • Be challenged and fulfilled?
  • Know your purpose (and understand how to turn it into action)?

Interested in exploring working with Sophee?  Then schedule a complimentary intro call.