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What’s blocking your dream career?

Take this short clarity quiz to discover what’s holding you back and how to move forward.

Press + Media

Let’s talk about building a career you actually like, or dare I say, LOVE.  (and forgetting all that nonsense in your head about what you think you “should” be doing).


If you’d like to feature me on your blog or podcast, or have me as expert for your media outlet, please contact me.


A bit more about me as a guest speaker/writer

  • While my expertise lies in all things career, particularly when it comes to getting clarity on your dream career or business idea, know that my brain loves all kinds of knowledge outside of my expertise, and making connections across various industries, perspectives, and viewpoints is one of my favorite things. I’m a huge believer in the philosophy of conversation, not war.
  • I have a very focused mind and have no trouble sticking to a topic and keeping in mind time limitations. If there is a tangent that I see as relevant and would like to explore or continue exploring, I will usually ask permission.
  • My learning and intellectual knowledge crosses bounds from history, to psychology, to behavioural economics, to classical economics, to evolutionary biology, to geopolitics, to neuroscience, and so much more. I love viewing careers and the world of work through the various lenses. I love making connections and value continual learning OUTSIDE of my area of expertise, as well as inside of it.
  • I’m never anywhere to prove anyone right or wrong, my only hope is to offer or receive a perspective that was prior unknown to myself or another. 
  • I know I’ve gone all formal-sounding and intellectual here -which is all good, but just a heads up, I’m a bit of a goof. I make awkward jokes that sometimes people don’t know if they are jokes or not (they usually are), I laugh at myself often, more than others laugh at me, and generally, I like to think I’m just embracing the silliness that is our existence. (except on my dark days. but we don’t talk about those 😉 )