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Clear the way to your

Dream Career

Take my FREE 3 day mini-course and learn how to get clear, get confident,
and make your DREAM career, a reality!

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Hey, I’m Rebecca

If you’re dissatisfied with your job, it’s normal to feel…

  • Unsure of where to go next (new job? back to school? start a business? stay?)
  • A lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities (are your skills even transferable?)
  • Bored, anxious, stressed out and/or exhausted at the end of the day (burnout is REAL)
  • Either overwhelmed in a sea of options, or underwhelmed by a perceived lack of options
  • Impatient – because you know you have so much more potential to give!

I’ve got you.

In my free 3 day mini-course I’ll guide you through some powerful (yet simple) techniques to uncover why you’re not feeling the way you want to feel and build the confidence and mindset to get ALL the things you long for (including a flexible lifestyle where you’re calling the shots!)

Once you make this important commitment to yourself by signing up, I’ll send you an email a day for the next 3 days that contains a video explaining these powerful techniques in detail, along with actionable tips to implement each one into your life so you can get clear, get confident, and make your wildest career fantasies a reality.

All you need to do to create the career and life you want is to be open and willing to accept clarity and build confidence for change. 


Hi, friend

I’m Rebecca. I help people who are dissatisfied with their job and not sure where to go next, to get clear and build their dream career. As a result of my 8+ years experience as a career coach, you’ll join the thousands of others that are now able to REALLY enjoy what they do, make an impact, and make money at the same time.

By shining a light on your unconscious blueprint (AKA, the way you think you should be living your career and life), I’ll help you gain the freedom to create a career and life that truly inspires you – because inspired people make good sh*t happen.

I used to call myself a  “Serial Job Quitter”

Even though it probably feels like it sometimes, you’re not alone. I’ve been where you are. By the age of 30, I had gone through over 30 different jobs and was constantly contemplating WTF to do with my life. If I was being too picky. Or if there was just something plain wrong with me. 

But that’s when I took control of my decisions and the results were transformational. Fast forward to today, I’m in a career that’s meaningful and I have the time to not only help people just like you find their dream career but also have the energy to really enjoy my life. 


Get comfy with yourself (even when it’s uncomfy)

I’ll help you break down those mental blocks you’ve been building so you can use self-compassion and confidence to start building your vision.


Uncover why you’re stuck and start moving forward

Knowing why you’re stuck is half the battle. I’ll help you examine your fears and self-doubts and move closer to your full career potential.


Set yourself up for clarity and get what you want

I’ll help you re-work your thinking so that you experience more of what you (really) want and start developing your dream career, and life.

This could be you…

Let me make things crystal clear

I’m here for you. I know that in order to thrive in today’s job market, you need to have confidence and clarity around who you are, what you believe in, and the value you bring. You need to commit to removing your barriers, so you can live the career & life you really want. The good news is, you’re the only person stopping you. So let’s do this!