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What’s blocking your dream career?

Take this short clarity quiz to discover what’s holding you back and how to move forward.


Career Clarity Program

Get clear, confident, and READY to (finally) build your dream career – no burnout required.

If you’re dissatisfied with your job, feeling stuck, and unsure of what you really want, I’ll help you to get clear and build an intentional career you love – one where you’re making both an impact AND money.


I’ll teach you how to get clear and I’LL BE BY YOUR SIDE AS YOU build your dream career


  • Loving your career and feeling like it’s an extension of who you really are
  • Getting crystal clear on who you are and exactly what you want to do with your life
  • Feeling the freedom of designing a career that’s the perfect mix of contributing in a meaningful way, being in your element, AND making money

If you know you want these things (and really, who doesn’t?) but you don’t know how to get there, read on, my friend. If this is resonating so far, I’m already confident that this program is for YOU.

When you make this important commitment to yourself by signing up, you’ll embark on a transformational journey to:


Discover your dream career vision

You can’t find your dream career until you know what you’re looking for! I’ll help you uncover who you really are, versus the unconscious blueprint of how you think you should be living your career. We’ll also use the most credible tools in psychology to pinpoint your strengths and skills, and how to find tangible opportunities that align (including how to find ones you might not have even known existed!)

Develop your dream career mindset

What will stop you from building your dream career and life? The answer is, YOU. But not to worry, we’ve all been there (including me!) Your self-doubts will take a back seat once you know your strengths, shine a light on your limiting beliefs, open up to new possibilities, and collect actual evidence of the value you bring – the inner work combined with the outer work is the magical combination that leads to career transformation.


 Build your dream career strategy

Let’s be real for a second, even if you have a clear vision and a confident mindset, that’s not enough. The only way forward is to learn the tools that will help you build the right connections (using my introvert-friendly step-by-step process) to solidify if something really is right for you. You’ll also learn how to communicate to others what you want to do and how to attract the opportunities you want (or create them!).

Hey, I’m Rebecca

I help people who are dissatisfied with their job and not sure where to go next, to get clear and build their dream career. As a result of my 9+ years of experience as a career coach, you’ll join the hundreds of others that are now able to REALLY enjoy what they do, make an impact, and make money at the same time.

By shining a light on your unconscious blueprint (AKA, the way you think you should be living your career and life), I’ll help you gain the freedom to create a career and life that inspires you – because inspired people make good things happen!

Even though it probably feels like it sometimes, you’re not alone. I’ve BEEN where you are. I never imagined I could build a business around helping people primarily find clarity when it comes to their career. But to no fault of their own, traditional career counsellors didn’t prepare us for the world of work today, and all of the options that are available. Things change FAST. By the age of 30, I had gone through 34 jobs and was constantly wondering if something was wrong with me. If I was being too picky. Or if I was simply ungrateful and entitled.

But that’s when I started working with a life coach (12 years ago now, before that term became known), dug deep into self-exploration, and the results were transformational. I realized I’d lost hope in Environmental Education work (my passion for many years), despite the many job offers I had after graduating (thanks to networking! A tough skill I managed to master as an introvert, btw) — because our mental  and emotional state is what gives us the ability (or non-ability) to see things logically.. I  spent 3 years not knowing WTF I was doing. People around me wondering what I was doing, too. They worried about me, and fair enough.

However, today, I’m in a career that’s meaningful and I have the time to not only help people just like you to find their dream career, but I also have the energy to really enjoy my life — which includes nomad’ing and living different places, working no more than 25-30 hours per week, and a $100k+ income (and growing!).

As seen in



9-Lesson Core Career Clarity Course Curriculum

  • Work at your own pace! There are 9 core lessons, each with pre-recorded video trainings and a worksheet.
  • The videos for each lesson are broken down into 10-25 minute trainings you can easily fit into your schedule. 
  • All trainings are based on the latest psychology and/or my own techniques that I’ve tested and refined over the last 9+ years. You’ll be stretched to dream big and also to explore the realities of today’s job market.

Bonus Trainings to Transform Your Confidence, Motivation, and More!

  • In addition to the core curriculum are 3 powerful bonus trainings on: kicking fear in the butt, how to stop letting imposter syndrome hold you back, and how to make more money with a money mindset.
  • It’s not just the bonuses though: you’ll learn tools throughout the core curriculum to stop letting your limiting beliefs hold you back
  • These trainings have the power to completely transform all areas of your life, if watched and integrated on a consistent basis.

Additional Coaching
Support (Optional)

  • Receive a discount on a 1:1 30-minute coaching session with Rebecca at any time during or after the program
  • Why? Because sometimes we need a little extra support and accountability to keep us moving towards clarity and building our dream career.
  • PLUS: as a member of this program, you’ll have the option of joining my monthly group coaching membership launching in September of 2024.


9-Week Career Clarity Course (Core Curriulum)

Lesson 1
Boost your confidence & redefine success by:

  • Understanding the ways you’ve been limiting yourself to open up to a new sense of possibility for your career
  • Implementing my #1 mind trick for boosting confidence and motivation, both inside and outside of your career
  • Learning foundational tools to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears that have been keeping you stuck

Lesson 2
Identify your strengths (i.e., what you’re naturally best at) by:

  • Discovering what you are naturally good at. When are you at your best? What value do you bring to those around you? Where does your greatest potential lie?
  • No assessments here, they’re rarely useful and don’t hold up scientifically. (Though still fun & harmless, IMO!)
  • By using the most effective tool there is, you’ll feel total confidence as to where your strengths lie

Lesson 3
Pinpoint the skills that energize you the most (and give you a sense of flow) by:

  • Collecting evidence so that it becomes undeniable as to what skills you’re using when you feel the way you want to feel in your work (i.e., accomplished, in flow, energized, engaged, passionate)
  • Looking outside of just your past work experience and seeing how your skills can be applied other places

Lesson 4
Discover your ‘why’ by:

  • Figuring out your core driver in life. What impact do you want to make? What are you all about?
  • Coming up with a one sentence statement that captures your raison d’etre that once identified, can act as a compass to not just career decisions, but other life decisions as well

Lesson 5
Create your career compass by:

  • Creating a career compass to guide you, rather than a map. With the fast pace of change in today’s world, you need to be flexible
  • Combining everything you’ve uncovered so far in the course to tie together into your ideal career description and get tangible with specific ideas

Lesson 6
Find opportunities (that you might not have known exist) by:

  • Generating specific career ideas beyond those you already know about (hint – there’s lots of them!)
  • We use several strategies + tools to find new ideas and expand your mind to new possibilities — e.g., LinkedIn search, ChatGPT, conversations with others, etc.
  • Identifying the areas that are the best fit for you

Lesson 7
Learn how to write or speak what you do (or want to do) and the value you bring:

  • Creating the perfect elevator pitch that really sparks interest (I promise you, no one will be yawning when they hear it)
  • Getting succinct in communicating who you are, what you’re all about, and the value you bring
  • Beginning to attract real-life opportunities aligned with what you want to do

Lesson 8
Prototype your career idea(s) for even more clarity:

  • Taking your solid list of career ideas and creating some mini-experiments to determine what fits best in reality
  • Developing the most effective job/opportunity landing skill there is (and leaving behind the countless hours wasted on applying to online job postings) to attract real-life opportunities aligned with what you want to do

Lesson 9
Become a decision-making pro by:

  • Learning my top decision-making strategies (based on the latest research in psychology… yup! People study decision-making.)
  • Knowing how to make decisions in all areas of your life moving forward
  • Know when you’re ready to make a decision on your next career move (Hint: if you’ve done all the lessons, you’re ready!)


(Start here if you’re procrastinating or lacking motivation!)

  • Learn to stop letting fear block you from having clarity, owning what you want, and stopping you from taking action towards your desires
  • Uncover the fears that impact YOU most and learn how to move those fears out of the drivers’ seat and into the backseat… or maybe even the trunk!
  • Side effects of this training may include: increased confidence, higher levels of motivation, increased action-taking, and the the creation of new results in one’s life


Bonus Training #2: Make More Money With A Money Mindset

(No ‘woo’ or magical manifestation tactics involved)

  • Learn how to program your brain to be open to receiving the money you desire (there’s nothing ‘new agey’ or ‘woo woo’ about it)
  • Create a plan to achieve your money goals
  • Get excited about making money
Career Clarity Evergreen


Bonus Training #3: Stop Letting Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back

  • How to know if you have imposter syndrome and what it looks like 
  • How common imposter syndrome REALLY is
  • How to know when imposter syndrome is a problem and when it’s actually ok
  • How to manage imposter syndrome so that it no longer holds you back from what you want


The core Career Clarity Program curriculum is designed to be completed in approximately 9 weeks. However, that is simply a guideline. We all know that life happens and you can complete the course work to accommodate your schedule. To complete the core program within a 9-week timeframe, you can expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours on the content and exercises every week. 




I’m here for you. I know that in order to thrive in today’s job market, you need to have clarity, confidence, and a solid job-landing and/or biz-building strategy.  You need to commit to removing your barriers and figuring out what you really want, so you can have a fulfilling career and life you love. The only person that’s stopping you from achieving all this, is yourself. 

still have questions?

I’ve got you! Send me an email anytime at and either myself or lovely assistant Emily will get back to you as soon as possible.