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Career Clarity

Hey there, friend

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in indecision around your career. I know how stressful, overwhelming, and draining it can feel.

It’s what you’re going to spend the largest bulk of your waking hours doing… so it’s a pretty big decision!

This is exactly what this program is here to help you with:

  • Kick indecision in the butt
  • Get clarity on your dream career
  • Set up a plan to make it happen

…so you can get out there in the world, start living up to your full potential, and make the money you want!

How do you actually help me do this?

This program and how it looks may vary from person to person – we can tailor the program to meet your specific needs.

For some, we’ll follow the process exactly as it’s laid out below. For others, we may spend more time on strategy (to get you where you want to go), or we may look at your resume or LinkedIn. 

Find below a general outline of what you can expect from this program.
(Please note that some of this will be covered in the initial Career Discovery Session, which is where I recommend everyone starts.)

Why is this so in depth? Can’t I get clarity faster?

Unfortunately, no. Not if you’re really ready to get intentional about your career and where you want to go next.

Discovering what you want to do for your career is a process. It takes time, focus, and energy. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you won’t find that here. 

However, if you’re ready to commit to figuring out your career once and for all, and to do the work so that you have the confidence and the plan to actually make it happen, then this is what you need. ​
And it will benefit you for the rest of your life!

What does this package include?

  • Five one-on-one 50-minute coaching sessions with Rebecca
  • Email support throughout the program
  • Notes, clear action steps, and accountability in between sessions​
  • ​Access to Rebecca’s worksheets, templates, and resources
  • A 15-minute phone check-in, six months after program completion
  • All the tools you need to pivot again in your career should you need or want to in the future


Gather self-information

  • Create an ideal work and lifestyle vision to get excited about.
  • Get clear on your career non-negotiables, transferable skills, and strengths.
  • Identify your ‘why’ — i.e., what drives you and gives you meaning, both inside and outside of your work.
  • Create a list of problems, challenges and/or opportunities that you want to focus on in your work.



  • Create a list of tangible career options, based off the themes and patterns that emerged in Phase 1.
  • For employment only: come up with a list of places you’d be interested to work.
  • For self-employment only: come up with a list of business/freelance ideas.


Research & Experiment

  • Conduct guided research, mini-experiments and networking to solidify your idea(s), and make sure what you think you want to do actually lines up with what will make you happy.
  • Ensure your idea(s) are viable in the current job market and that you’re resilient against a future robot invasion!


Solidify your idea and come up with a plan

  • Decide the direction you will go moving forward.
    (This might be one thing, such as ‘Creative Director’, or it might be multiple things, such as ‘Author / Sommelier / Creative Director’ — I like to challenge my clients to think beyond singular, traditional career paths.) 
  • Come up with a personal branding statement (aka. elevator pitch) that you can share with others.
  • Set clear goals and design a strategy to ensure your dream career becomes a reality.

And as a bonus of doing this program…

You’ll have all the tools in your toolbox to make as many informed and carefully thought-out career changes down the road as you want (or need) — and in today’s job market, being able to quickly adapt and be flexible is important.

What’s the investment?


How do I get started?

The next best step is to schedule a time for a quick, no-pressure phone chat!

Please note, there’s usually a wait for these calls. If you don’t want to wait, contact for a referral.